The Great Gatsby Gala

//The Great Gatsby Gala

The Great Gatsby Gala

So this is us at the Great Gatsby Gala in San Diego, California. We’ve been taking dancing lessons as a way to connect with one another and well, have fun. As a celebration of fun we went to the World Peabody championships. We really had no idea what the Peabody was until we started taking dance lessons. And if you don’t know it was a very popular dance in the early 1900’s and into the 1920’s.

The gala we attended was a chance for us to dress in period costumes and watch some amazing Peabody dancers show off their skills on the dance floor. We’ve been taking lessons at Londance in Southern California. It’s really been a lot of fun and really challenging. I’m looking forward to the next gala and to increasing my own dance skills.

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